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:: How Safe is Carpet?

Should You Worry How Safe Your Carpet is?

Typically speaking it is very safe. Carpet is usually made from the same sort of fabric types as your clothing, including nylon, wool, and polyester. If you know that you have an allergy to any of those types of fabrics you will want to be careful as you consider carpeting. There are also some more exotic carpet types, such as sisal, chintz, and silk but these are the minority.

Although people often speak badly about carpet—that it is troublesome for allergies, encourages mold, etc—the carpet itself is not usually at fault. More often than not the owner of the carpet has not taken care of it properly. If you neglect your carpet, that neglect will show or worse may create health concerns you are not aware of. Most of the problems that are associated with carpet come from a lack of attention to maintenance. If you consistently vacuum your carpet and set up a regular deep cleaning schedule your carpeting will have a long safe life and cause you little (if any) concerns.

No type of flooring is perfect but explore the information on this site and learn more about carpet myths , carpet benefits, how and when to clean carpet, and ways to reduce carpet's impact on your allergies.


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