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:: Carpet Cleaning and Allergy Guide

Free Carpet Cleaning & Allergy Guide & Advice

Carpeting can make your rooms look warmer and more inviting, it is soft for babies to crawl on and bare feet to walk on, reduces ambient noise, and it often is more cost-effective than a stone, tile, or wood floor.

Carpeting comes in a variety of textures,
colors, and styles
. You could cover your
entire with wall-to-wall carpet, or place
a beautiful rug over tile or hardwood.

With so many options, it would be difficult to
find the consumer for whom carpeting was not an
option. However, carpet is not something you can
then ignore for weeks or months at a time.

We are here to answer your questions about carpeting,
including the relationship between carpets and allergies, carpeting and children , how and when your carpets should be cleaned , and tips for hiring a professioonal carpet cleaner.

Also look at our FAQs page for the answers to some frequently asked questions about carpeting.